Online Availability Of Records

In current communication and technology era people’s find easy to use internet to fulfill their requirements. Based on which we as darulkhaza come forward to provide online services to access their marriage records from anywhere and apply for the required certificates, by which applicant will save his time and get the work done in fastest way.

Keeping in track with developing India, Darulkhaza Kadapa decided to provide online service for the availability of Marriage/Divorce/community/Conversion/Declaration and Muslim religious festivals announcement records in searchable way, by which persons willing to avail their records can view and apply for the same by filling online request form and uploading the required supporting documents with nominal fee. If the record are available with us, then after verification and inquiry the certificate will be issued from darulkhaza office.

The original certificate with sign and stamp of Darulkhaza, kadapa, will be uploaded to their designated ID’s within a week and the same will be hand over/sent by courier to concern applicant as per his request. The issuance of certificate will be as per our standards. At present this service will be mostly benefited to entire Kadapa district.

Mean time we are trying to have a unique certificate which can be used anywhere in our country and shall be acceptable internationally after required Government attestation.

Now a days many of us are facing difficulties in getting their marriage certificates as A.P state minority dept., keep on appointing many khazi’s on contract base of Three (03) years, after finished of their contract, no one knows who perform their marriage and where their records are saved to get their original marriage records.

Another issue that most of us facing difficulty to contact the head office of A.P State Wakf board for getting their certificates, which is expensive in terms of reaching to state capital and also time consuming. Keeping all this issue in mind we are herewith the public convenience to gradually implement the standards and can have their marriage certificate in their native place. we are requesting to the Government of Andhra Pradesh to consider our proposal in the larger interest of Muslim community of Kadapa District.

Darul Khaza Kadapa started online services to help the Muslim minority and keep them aware how a khazi should maintain the record in a systematic way. The same we are maintaining the records of Kadapa Muslim since 1843 A.D to till date in perfect way with trust worthy service in multiple places in kadapa district and we always focus on innovation to ease the services along with transparency in work with expert team in making the decision and we respect the individual needs.

We are praying to Almighty Allah to give all of us strength and courage to serve the Muslim Minority in right way in terms of records and sharia laws. Darul Khaza kadapa is always with the people of Kadapa district in their need to perform religious duties as per the Islamic Sharia.